At AhsanK we pride ourselves in providing a premium and professional service to all of our clients. Whether you are a new start up or an established business further down the life cycle, our team will provide you with a tailored and bespoke service to meet your unique needs.


Our aim is to please and we plan to do so by taking on the full responsibility of ensuring your accounts are prepared on time, to a standard matching the top accounting firms supplemented with a personal relationship between us and you as our valued client. 



Business compliance requirements are an ever changing field, and a time consuming activity for anyone to stay updated. As a business person, you are in a position to choose how to spend your valuable time. It is of utmost importance for you to spend your time on the commercial aspects of the business, constantly striving to increase the marketability and profitability of the services you provide. 


We are in a position to deal with any current or upcoming compliance outwith of the regular accounts filing and tax returns, which can facilitate your time to be spent growing your business and driving it towards your targets.



While taxation is a necessary element of modern day society, this can often become an obstacle for business and persons looking to generate income independently. The laws and regulations can be daunting with penalties incurred for inadequate filings. 


AhsanK will ensure your tax compliance requirements are not only met, but to a standard that HMRC will be unlikely to query. We do not only aim to ensure you are compliant, but it is one of our primary objectives to ensure your tax liability is kept to a minimum. We will work with you constantly throughout the financial year to identify areas where tax bills can be reduced.



Whether your business already has a team responsible for managing the finance, or you have an accountant who is a 'whizz-kid', a helping hand is always useful. AhsanK can provide bookkeeping services or support, along with improving efficiency of business processes currently in place. 


With our initial vision of becoming a trusted partner for small and medium sized entities, we are prepared to work with you in order to meet your needs however minute they may appear.